Sunday, November 26, 2006

chez moi? ou est chez moi?

fenotipos vemos, genotipos no sabemos... niemand kennt niemand...

se me olvidó tomar fotos en la fiesta de la conz... too much tequila... but this space was supposed to hold thos photos so I'll kind of describe them:

1) a long long curvy road towards that far place where Sn Jeronimo is no more... check the lights at night!

2) The basement, where conz puts her corpses. Brian got caught in it and you can see him with half his body directly into the floor...

3) Luisa... Brian brought her and I really tried hard not to bite her... even tough she DID bit me. Y' owe me one, brian!

4) I guess conz in pink sweater and me smiling with two glasses of tequila. each. This should always be bad photos, but always worth uploading.

5) Susana sleeping in the bedroom with a scotch skirt on her back. I love this dog but she despises me.

6) The VERY beautiful friend of conz... forgot her name, but she's modelling besides her photos. That lottery sequence is great. Specially the old lady in "The Poor"

7) Brian with a scarf... drunk and coughin'

8) And conz and me pouring the ponche... nice colors!

and the deep part of nothing... take it as homework for the next post, since I'll be leaving to morelia tomorrow:

If you reach out for more,
you'll find nothing but sorrow.
'Cause knowledge is hollow.
And pride is hard to swallow.

thanks jimenoix!