Sunday, September 30, 2007

Two major recommendations

For all scientific-embedded procrastinators, two major links you should definitively check [mmmhh.. sounds like an infomercial] Thanks to LD Maldonado for these!

It's Doug Zongker's presentation of one of his most famous works in the AAAS sessions... It's only 4 min long and worth it!
Should you feel like reviewing his paper for further comprehension, you can find it linked here.

(I would need the hands of all my 35-members lab to count the number of presentations I've seen with less content)

An excellent piece of work on one of the most fascinating and often overlooked animals. Click to open[And makes me wonder how much of a prefabricated production pipeline nowadays science really is]

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Useful windows

Hehe... Well, I finally found the only hardware where windows can be acknowledged as useful... y'don't believe me? belive the Lee, or this documentary, or that Gates guy at Windows 98 presentation... or those scuba divers from Sun... eh? oh yea, Windows is for graphics... suuuure! and besides bluescreens are in the past! check new WindowsVista!!!

nah... windows sucks, just go Linux!

Original idea and actual performance courtesy of The Dude, but I took the picture!
Tomorrow I'll try to come up with something against Mac... now jus lessgo bowlin'....

Monday, September 24, 2007

The "breaking-up" loop...

...or the neverending story...

courtesy of exquisite Mr. Tona (damn!)...


I'm brave enough to post it because I've broken the loop!!!!


Saturday, September 22, 2007


Pues en la nostalgia irapuatense situada apenitas entre la soledad del lab molecular y la nada (o la milpa para ser específicos) le entran ganas de agradecer a uno... se les extraña pero no tanto!
aún así, gracias por los paros de docencia. Que quieren, me enternece ver a edgardo a medianoche de sábado preparando la clase de recombinación para mis pupilos, así que gracias a:

Ana, Esme, Reni, Edgardo, Jules, More, Eria, Valeria y Andrea

y muchas también a Fred...

!gracias por aportar a la esquizofrenia del grupo 5081!

Saludos Irapuatenses

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Le azoté...

Fred!!!! tu me manques!!!
un chingo!!!!
ya ven!!!!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Cuatrocienegas de Carranza

Well, after a mail from Jeff about Cuatrocienegas, I thought of finally writing about it here...

So, briefly Cuatrocienegas de Carranza is a small town at the middle of Cuatrocienegas Basin in the northernmost part of Mexico, inside Coahuila state. It was the homeland of Don Venustiano Carranza, a figure from the revolution famous for being president, almost achieving Veracruz independence and the killing of Emiliano Zapata.

Cuatrocienegas' Basin host one of the most hostile and attractive environment I've ever encountered. Its summer temperature can be as high as 52 C, and as low as -5 C in the winter. It is dominated by an haloxerophytic environment. Annual precipitation is less than 120 cc. Half of it is gypsum rock rich while the other half is calcite rich. It hosts many endemic species, including a cilindropuntia cactus and a desert turtle. Arguably, its main atraction is the system of surface water bodies called Pozas, that seem to date back to when pangaea opened and gave place to Tethys Sea. Hence, a strange diversity can be found: they're the home of desert fishes
which are more similar to marine fishes than to freshwater ones. They also present one of the most ancient and fascinating organisms in the world: microbialites or microbial mats and stromatolites, complex and fully functional ecosystems dominated by bacteria and archaea that deposit calcium carbonate and gypsum, giving rise to hard bodies.

Here some photos of the last field trip:
the not-so-portable molecular lab at the kitchen...

The Eguiarte-Souza Lab sunsetting at the dunes

Twin Ponds' contrasting colours, nearby Pozas Azules...

Dune, sky and cloud from Gypsum Dunes...

Such a strange bunch of people woould only meet at a strange place... Jeiry from Biotechnology Institute, Rafael from UNAM's filmothequem Eugenia and Fernando from Argentina, Me from nowherespecial and Vero from Chile... all at the Gypsum Quarry..

Filming sampling at Rio Mezquites' lunar red ponds...