Thursday, January 10, 2008

La tektonik

One of the weirdest things I saw in France... a "new" dance style á lá techno-pop that reminds me a LOT of the early 90's... the rediscovery of Michael Jackson's Moonwalker maybe? if fashion has already made a complete turn and rap/dance/moonwalker is cool again... maybe we have a tiny hope of seeing a grunge retro-moment soon?

I find it good for gymnastics... and I think it's cool to see such self-assurance in teens!


Alex said...

Très joli blog. De belles illustrations. Des textes personnels et souvent pertinents. Que demander de plus ?
Je reviendrai te lire avec plaisir !

Elotzontli said...

Weirder than a frozen Mexican guy taking pictures of all the ducks that crossed his path? ;-)