Friday, September 22, 2006

asian town

E benne... continuing the american culture tour, Mike mysteriously took us to dinner "where you'll eat something you can't have in Mexico". We thought about horses, goats, dogs, rats, bats, chicken legs... but he was right: t'was a vegetarian chinese restaurant on Bellaire. There were over 300 different dishes, so we took two ordering approaches: 1) totally randomized ordering or 2) numerological approach ordering. On the last one, we matched our birthday with order number. Mine was 328. Kung Pao Shrimp, obviously! Actually the food was just amazing. They meant it to be chicken, but it was veggi chicken; they meant it to be beef, but it was veggie beef, and they meant it to be eggplant, but it was... err.... I even ate bamboo! I also got to know Mariana and Alex, Maia's children. Alex, who despite sponsoring some british team in his t-shirt he has already learned to say "cabron", almost ate me!

Before that we went to a far east coffeeshop-like stand... just next door. It's a tapiocashop, to be more specific. There you can ask for plenty different beverages with plenty different tapioca. An asian girls screams out your order and you get a really weird drink with tapioca-bubbles at the bottom. The drink is great, but it doesn't come with a choking-hazard notice on it. After my tapioca I managed to remember Charul's name at last!

Lastly, Candice Duy Luis and I went to get some beers... but I shouldn't be talking about that son no photos from there!

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LabJournal said...

Con esas fotos y el bamb'u ya completaste tu entrenamiento como Osito Panda!!!